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Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Michael Backpack

Sometimes if you want to keep up with the trends you have to go back a little bit to find your inspiration. Back-to-school fashion influences are just the thing that Louis Vuitton was waiting for so it can once more launch a series of thrilling and creative collections for urban men. The contemporary men backpack is now one of the hottest fashion accessories around and it is a must for those who love to show off their luxury briefcases or expensive travel bags. Due to its versatility and multipurpose, the rucksack gets a complete makeover from Louis Vuitton and embraces style and utility in a multitude of shapes and color combos.

Knowing all this about the Louis Vuitton Michael it is quite easy to understand why I regard it as an essential piece in a man’s wardrobe. And frankly, being so stylish and modern I would see it even on the shoulders of numerous women with a passion for casual attires, sports or back-to-school trends. It looks chic and smart no matter whoever decides to wear it. Just think of a modern young man wearing a business suit rushing to work on a bike through the concrete jungle with his backpack on. It’s the perfect image of the contemporary times we live in. If you have also been charmed by the LV Michael in Damier Ebene then I think you will consider this review very useful as it will show you how to identify a good quality replica and enjoy all the best features that this backpack can offer without spending a fortune on the real thing.

The hardware on a Louis Vuitton item is not something you can easily ignore. It is the detail that grants style and distinction to its whole appearance. On the LV Michael backpack the hardware is stunning. High quality metal in silver or gold is used for crafting elegant double zippers which adorn the two large compartments and the oversized outer pocket. The backpack also comes with a D-ring to clip your keys on, a detail that is quite distinctive for LV products. Just as on the original Louis Vuitton Michael, my imitation has the LV letters embossed on each of its metallic pieces which emphasizes its authentic look.

Extremely versatile, finely designed and well built, the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Michael backpack is both the multitasking city accessory and the perfect travel bag. Its minimalist and stylish design make it so much more appealing to modern men with a pronounced fashion sense. It is the right accessory to carry your most prized possessions, from laptops and books to travel essentials. Just that being such a stunning and unique design, it makes it so much harder for replica manufacturers to clone it correctly. This is why when buying an imitation you need to be very careful and study every small detail until you are completely convinced that it is an exact replica and not a poorly executed one as the knockoff presented in the above photos.

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